You may have heard that we have been playing a LOT lot of new board games in LEEP lately, and they have been an enormous hit! It’s educational, I promise! (More on this here….)

Due to popular demand, here are links to some of the ones that they have learned, and ones that they will be learning in the future! I am linking to online shopping sites, but please don’t forget about your local games stores such as All the Kings Men in Pitman, NJ and Tiki Tiki Games in Woodbury, NJ. Tiki Tiki games also sells used games AND rents them for a much more affordable price! 🙂

Zeus on the Loose


Roll for It




Nox Card Game Card Game


 Settlers of Catan

“The Settlers of Catan” Box




 Forbidden Island


 Machi Koro

 Power Grid

 Ticket to Ride